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Star-M Corporation has been designing and manufacturing tools and accessories for professional tradesmen for over 80 years. And now we are proud to introduce the WoodOwl brand to North America. We offer not only the product, but also the pricing, packaging, and incentive programs, combined with superior sales representation that support distributor growth year over year over year.

Everything we do is based on Star-M’s core business principles:

• Produce the best for the best
• Lead the market through innovation
• Build lasting relationships through fair and equitable business dealings

WoodOwl offers a full line of high-quality wood boring and drilling accessories designed for the professional who uses tools on the job, day in, day out. The power tool is only as good as the accessory making the cut. WoodOwl accessories cut faster, cleaner, and longer.

Japanese tradition of manufacturing excellence

Expertise in the forging, casting, and honing of high-quality steel and other metals dates back in Miki City, Japan 2000 years to the days of feudal warfare. Under the protection of the reigning feudal lord in the 12th century, Miki City became the center of the blacksmith industry in all of Asia. The skills of the craftsmen who were secreted in Miki City grew over the centuries from the design and manufacture of swords, armor, and other arms of war to extremely precise carpentry tools used in Japan’s wood manufacturing industry.

Today Miki City’s 2000-year-old hardware industry is based on modern mass-production techniques, but relies on strict attention to design, engineering, and precise manufacturing tolerances.


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