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In order to design a customized drill to specifically meet your applications demands, please answer the following questionnaire.

1.  Please describe your boring application including boring material.


2.  If not previously mentioned above, what type of drill(s) & bit(s) are you currently using?  Ex. CNC, Power Drill, Drill Press, etc.


3. What are the dimensions of the drill bit you are seeking?

3a:  Overall Length(s):
3b:  Flute (Twist) Length(s):
3c:  Shank Length(s):
3d:  Drill Diameter(s):
3e:  Shank Diameter(s):
3f:  Shank Type (ex Round, Hex, Quick Change):
3g:  Feed Screw: (y/n)
3h:  Brad Point:   (y/n)
3i:   Other: (Please specify):

4.  What problems if any, are you currently experiencing when boring?


5.  What are the most important features you are looking for in a drill bit?


6. How did you hear about WoodOwl / Star M?


7.  Other comments / concerns:


8.  Please provide your contact information.

Address 2:
Phone Number:



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